Live MealWorms are The Best Nutritious Supplement For your Reptiles

The meal worm is insects that are routinely found in infest stored products. The larvae are elongate and cylindrical in arrange with yellow to brownish in color. The adults separate are hard shelled beetles nearby one inch long. The beetles and larvae are mostly found in moist, caliginosity and serene places.

They will be accumulated on stored grain, moist or spoiled products. These can be even found in accumulations like damp inherent material.
The boisterous mealworms are not just a worm. They are the larval stage of the darkling weevil also renowned as Tenebrio molitor. They have six small, jointed legs and they both the larva and beetle are nocturnal that is more active at night. The lifecycle of meal worm undergoes complete transformation. The gynecological darkling beetle generally lays hundreds of small, white color, oval eggs, which hatch into tiny live mealworms. Then it takes around 4 days to 20 days to hatch. The adult lives for a paucity months. On the whole the entire life cycle takes nominal one year.

They consume rotten material such as decaying animals and dead plants. All the water that they need they upspring it from the subsistence they consume. Many animals and birds, rodents, spiders, lizards, etc like to eat them. They are mostly found in moderate and other areas all over the world. They reside in cool, dark, moist places such as under rocks and logs.

If you find mealworms indoors then to control them is required – One needs to locate and take all possible measures to eliminate the source of the infestation. This will require full investigation later they will be crawling from the source of the infestation. One should empty and dust the cupboards or shelves that hold contaminated items. Later once the area is cleaned spray of household insecticide can be applied to the cracks and corners of infested storeroom areas.

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