RMX Global Logistics Going Live with McLeod Software’s PowerBroker

Evergreen, Colo, February 07, 2014 – RMX Global Logistics announced today that the company has gone live along McLeod Software’s PowerBroker™ system. “We’re extremely hysterical to be using the most advanced brokerage software available on the market today,” said RMX president Stephen Whaley. “RMX is an industry leader in innovation, plus we pride ourselves on actuality able to provide our trading partners with the highest levels of efficiency, agility, and accuracy. For example, PowerBroker™ allows us to provide shippers among web-based access to load information. They can see exactly where every shipment stands 24/7. PowerBroker™ also strengthens our ability to find the right fit for each of our carriers. Carriers will be apt to get more of the freight they are seeking, and we’ll be suitable to line up more of the carriers that fit our needs. In today’s complex freight logistics world, technology is indispensable. By acquiring PowerBroker™, RMX is investing in the future.”

Tom McLeod, president of McLeod Software, stressed that RMX was qualified to go live in 90 days after beginning the PowerBroker™ implementation. “We work hard to ensure that whole computer implementation is executed quickly and smoothly,” McLeod said. “We retain designed our applications to be highly intuitive and easy to learn. Our professional services cooperative understands how to train our customers’ team and help them go live quickly on the new system. This is very important, because it always shortens the time for them to acquire the value from their investment.”

For RMX, one animate reason for choosing McLeod Software was the ability to leverage McLeod Software’s cutting-edge technology to help trading vrouwen optimize their supply chain networks. “McLeod Software offers a comprehensive range of freight transportation software products that all operate on the same platform,” said Whaley. “The RMX discernment is to provide a completely open and shared environment for all stakeholders. By fostering collaboration, all of our trading partners can build up efficiency, utilization, performance and ultimately profitability. RMX is using technology from McLeod Software because we apprehend it offers the toolset we need to empower our vision.”

Helping bulk transportation companies grow plus succeed is the primary mission of McLeod Software. “We see our customers as partners,” said McLeod. “We don’t just sell a product and move on. We work upon our consumers to locate out how we can improve the product we create. We rely on feedback from our customers to determine the ese for our product development. It’s truly a collaborative process.”

About PowerBroker™ PowerBroker™ Trucking Software is the most advanced enterprise-wide software solution available for trucking brokerage companies. PowerBroker™ offers a entirely integrated end-to-end brokerage operations management system and a complete native accounting software solution, all in one package from one company. PowerBroker™ sets an entirely new standard for ease of use and flexibility that no more trucking brokerage analysis can match. This ease of use translates into the ability to do more, to do it faster, and to require everyone working in your brokerage operation more productive.

About McLeod Software Transportation organizations that work near McLeod Software serendipity the best ways to elevate customer service levels and operating ratios, arresting plus retain the best drivers, and drive automation to extinguish inefficiency. McLeod Software is the leading provider of transportation dispatch, accounting, operations and brokerage policy software, furthermore document management systems. Specifically developed for the trucking industry, McLeod Software’s advanced management solutions and services enable transport companies to increase their efficiencies while reducing costs. Visit us at http://www.McLeodSoftware.com.

About RMX Global Logistics RMX Global Logistics is an industry pilot in providing transportation and logistics services to both non-asset-based and asset-based companies throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. RMX has a proven record from over 30 years of experience identifying improvement opportunities within the most complex supply chains. Our experts in transportation management, data management, process mapping, and project implementation work in conjunction with our clients to implement business strategies that reduce their total costs, drive optimization within their supply chain network, further bring value-added solutions to the way they do business. To learn more, please visit http://www.rmxglobal.com.

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