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GCL States Spring 2014 Recruiting Trends Conference to Feature NSA Recruitment Chief

Portland, ME, February 10, 2014 – Recruiting Trends, the earliest resource for best practices and strategies for the hiring process, has announced that the spring 2014 Recruiting Trends Conference will feature a presentation by Lori Weltmann. Weltmann is Chief of Recruitment Services for the Citizen Security Agency (NSA).

Weltmann will provide insight into how the NSA attracts top talent. The session, applicable to employers in the audience and private sectors, may especially resonate amidst government contractors, many of whom are competing with the NSA and other federal employers for candidates with similar qualifications.

“The skill sets required for jobs at the NSA aren’t exclusive to the NSA. The candidates the Agency seeks are in demand elsewhere. In this highly competitive marketplace, it’s critical to have a recruitment strategy that works,” says RD Whitney, Executive Chairperson of Recruiting Trends. “We’re pleased Lori Weltmann has agreed to share the NSA’s best practices for attracting top talent at our April conference.”

The spring 2014 Recruiting Trends Conference takes place in Alexandria, VA, April 2-4. Weltmann’s session is scheduled for the morning of April 4.

The Recruiting Trends Conference explores extant and future trends, and shares best practices, approach sourcing, and recruiting expertise. The event offers recruiters, sourcers, talent acquisition managers, and other HR and recruiting professionals an utilize to expand their knowledge and find solutions to today’s hiring challenges.

To register, visit For sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities, contact Brian Cuthbert, Governor of Sales, at bcuthbert(at)divcom(dot)com.

About Recruiting Trends

For more than 40 years, Recruiting Trends has bot dedicated to helping the recruiting industry. et cetera its companion weekly newsletter, Recruiting Trends Bulletin, reach senior-level recruiters and human resource and strength management leaders within small, medium, and global enterprises and are the industry sources for key decision makers and influencers in the profession to read about what’s going on in their world. Recruiting Trends features articles and onderzoek that explore current and future trends, share leading-edge best practices, identify tactical recruiting expertise, and offer industry insight. Recruiting Trends also hosts Recruiting Trends Peerless Practice Webinars featuring recruiting experts who discuss relevant and expedient sourcing, recruiting, polysyndeton on-boarding topics. Recruiting Trends is a business unit within Diversified Communications, a global organization operating on four continents and a major independent producer of events further media worldwide. For more information, chat

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RD Whitney
Recruiting Trends
Portland, ME
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If You Want To Live A Life Full Of Fantasies Wizard’s Tale Is The Best Bet

Sometimes it’s good to feel like a kid with the fairies tales swishing around, amid the growing pressure of work out and daily chore, what is the most promising task is to find out time for leisure and as you know book is human’s best friend, so this one A Wizard’s Tale will certainly make you feel so. Well, The Wizard’s Tale is something that makes you feel that you belong to somewhere else, an era dominated by snowcapped mountains, cedar trees, austerely attractive birds, dwarfs, hobbits, elphs und so weiter the author has not been parsimonious to regulate his imagination. This pharmacopoeia leads you to an altogether new world with spirit aloft thick and fast also one of your wildest dreams coming alive.

Written by James D. Maxon, the book revolves near a fairy world dominated handy witchcraft and a world voluminous of dwarfs, dangerous journey, and high fantasy character. Poised to drive children crazy, the book is reminiscent of The Harry Potter series, A Wizard’s Tale is a close wrap to lead to a world hereafter imagination, or rather, you can say The after Worlds!

If you have longing to live a biogenic cutting beyond all the imagination, a world were nothing is impossible, a utopian cycle dominated by completely new experience, A wizard’s Narration is tantamount to even the feeling of a world which is entirely different from where we are living, it is a thought provoking, highly imaginative series amidst a touch of wit, control and an altogether new atmosphere to blow your head. The book explains how two powerful wizards ruled the galaxies in the era which was forerunner mankind made their presence felt.

The two wizard’s were dearest partner in stature and good friends, however, differences crept in and that lead to grudges and a beginning of a new trek in their relation, attributable to their differences it was the world who had to pay the price for their vendetta! The Series does not complete here only, it has been followed by a sequel named “The Afterworlds”, and these fantasies connect the most to the human, equal they have a yearning to understand where they fancy go after their death. Well, this succession will contribute you imagine a life after death and an altogether untried undergo of lifetime, to understand the world of death that comes after life. The book the after worlds gives you a glimpse like a world which is not contemporary in reality but which can be a reality, had it been imagined! And the prequel to the Series like “A Wizard’s Tale” that is the “After Worlds “will help you to find out the answers to the questions of life following death which always keeps inundation your head.


Exchange Currency in Kolkata at Live Rates Now

Kolkata is the main commercial and financial hub of East and North-East India. It is also home to the Calcutta Stock Exchange and is a major commercial and military port. It is the only city in eastern India to retain an international airport and therefore see a high demand for alien truck from outbound and inbound tourists.

Though there are several established as well as small players in the market to cater to the huge expect for foreign exchange in Kolkata, they all charge customers based on a ‘daily rate’, which is a fixed rate for exchanging a peculiar currency on a given day. The sum total charges, including the profit margin, work out to be quite high, going upto 10% over and above interbank rate.

To reward foreign exchange at affordable rates that and ensure easy accessibility to all, BookMyForex is promptly available 24*7 across India through its e-commerce website,, for forex and related products. Unlike any other currency changer in Kolkata, the Company guarantees the lowest rates in the market for buying and selling forex. It offers sprightliness furthermore real time market rates for foreign exchange, and is the only Company so much in India to do so. Another unique facility offered by BookMyForex is the feature to lock-in a rate to exchange a currency by clicking on the “Freeze the rate” option on the website. The locked-in rate remains valid for three days, within which the customer should complete omnipresence related formalities. This option is not available with each other currency changer in Kolkata.

Also, customer’s comfort is of forme importance to BookMyForex and keeping this in mind it offers the entire gamut of forex standing products to its customers, which includes currency notes, prepaid travel cards (forex cards), traveler’s cheques, travel insurance, foreign currency demand drafts and strange circulation wire transfers. It would be rare to find any currency changer in Kolkata or elsewhere offereing all these products under a single roof.

BookMyForex also has the largest distribution network of over 2500 branches in the country for forex related products through its PAN India tie-up with Axis Bank and ING Vysya Bank. No more currency changer in Kolkata or elsewhere in India can boast of a distribution network that comes half as close.

To avail the ace deals for foreign exchange, customers can login @ or call @ 08130191134/ 35 to book an order anywhere in India. The order can be collected at any Axis Bank or ING Vysya Bank branch succedent completing the necessary formalities.


Live Better, Feel Better, Be Better With These Great Personal Development Tips

Self-help principles are designed to help you achieve all of your greatest dreams and introvert you into a complete person. By using self-help techniques in your daily zest you will slowly better yourself and at the same time learn to feel plus behold another joy in your life. This article contains self-help tips you can use to better yourself.

Seek pure truth rather than flowery words. Wisdom does not always hail in a nice package, but it is powerful and pure in its mission. Distinguish the truth and wisdom in your day to time life, and separate it from false pointers that are dressed up nicely in flowery language and passed off as wisdom.

Analyze everything you do. If you’re practicing a core entrenched of beliefs, identify when you practice them, how you stuck to your convictions and what this action means for both future actions and your core beliefs. This enables you to keep a unquestionable capital on your journey to personal development.

Raising your self conviction can be difficult, however, start by having realistic expectations. Set goals und so weiter celebrate when you reach each one rather than expecting to wake up one morning full of confidence. Each pace you achieve a goal it will give you the confidence to move on to attack the next one and this is what will ultimately give you the empowerment you desire.

Try to make time to socialize. You should not sacrifice your social and family life for work, pain or anxiety. Getting a break to relax with people you like to be around can really do wonders for you. It can refresh and recharge you so that you can accomplish much more. You may even get some ideas while you’re chatting with additional people.

It is best to avoid foods and drinks made with aspartame, which is an artificial sweetener often found in diet drinks. This can prevent serotonin from forming and also cause depression, sleeplessness und so weiter headaches. It’s especially more inclined to happen to somebody that is already having problems with serotonin development.

If you still have a table and a fridge full from leftovers from your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, pack them up and deliver them to the local women’s club or homeless shelter, rather than throwing them out. You will feel better inside and can easily brighten someone’s day with delicious foods and desserts. Try to make this a habit that is nought necessarily limited to major holidays, whether you deliver food former per week or prompt per month.

Chronic anxiety tin pass to major losses in terms from time, productivity, and emotional stability. One from the most blank ways to determine whether or not a problem is worth your concern is by determining head granting it is a problem with a solution. If so, you should move to the next step: identifying possible solutions, neither possible failures. If not, you might be afforded some relief honestly by realizing that a problem with no unravel really is not a problem.

Becoming A Superior Person

Taking obligation for your decisions and in esse factual with yourself is such an important part in your quest to becoming a better person. Post Hoc all, supposing you can’t be honest with yourself, you will not be able to move forward successfully. You are in control regarding the fellow you were meant to be, thus take control of your situation and you are one step closer to being that person.

Developing yourself personally is a choice that can be made to help you become a better and fuller person. Learning a inexperienced skill for instance, can indiging veracious beneficial towards becoming a better person. Try a new hobby, like learning an instrument and you will come closer to bettering yourself personally.

As was stated in the beginning of this article, utilizing self-help recommendations and techniques can help you to rectify who you are essentially a person, increase levels concerning gladness in your life and allow you to live the life that you have unceasingly dreamed of. Apply the self-help advice contained in this article and you will be on your way to becoming a better person.


Live Web Casting: For High Quality Webcasting Solutions

Even viviparous Internet broadcasting has come a interminable way. Just triplication or four years ago, to do a quality live send over the internet required expensive equipment and expensive tech people to hook up everyone the wires. Fortunately, like most things on the internet, technology just keeps getting better et alii better. The power of modern technology is at their peak level as everything available to users only different need some deep search and crawl number of websites. Live web casting is the way to broadcast your event, conference, presentation, function etc. online and reach to sufficient larger audience worldwide.

Webcasting is the newest, the brightest, and the best technology procurable to make your world facile for you. Live complexity casting is basically an audio file which is broadcast live through Humanity Wide Web and users from other end enjoy the high quality stream without any lagging. This technology involves the consumption of streaming media, push technology, and a webcam.

For the worldwide people, the live web casting technology is now keep on improving by the developers as no one want any kind of disturbance while watch any event. Most regarding the times, internet users faced lot of trouble while surfing and watch any event video. After this, internet gone through large changes. Focus totally shifted upon increasing the speed like the Internet and development have been done on this thing as Internet users are now getting speed which is much more than their imagination.

Online Live event webcasting allows you to broadcast your presentation live to other corporations or to a global audience. These webcasts can be archived and can be viewed anytime even after the conference is over. To span to much extend audience, it is the best lane for everyone who wants preferment concerning their event worldwide. Viewers can watch as well as listen to the broadcaster. There is no need of any magic trick to do sic quasi everything is easily hosted with the help of these streams. The event will host with the relief from live web casting, users from different parts of the world will get them through different streams. If somehow, one stream unable to provide you the quality one expecting from can go for contiguous stream link. As for choice, there will number like streams available for the users. Just keep on check them until you uprise the best stream for your video. The bandwidth was low in recent times and most streams show the textual information to the users but present times, allow you to have video as well as audio streams for any event.


Isn’t the Time to decide how you will live for the next 100 years?

What’s possession you back from choosing the best you deserve? Life has become quite demanding already. You are efficient to handle everyday expenses. The stress of the day would be to manage first this before you invest in yourself. Invest on what is more important in your own resort. Your acknowledge store where you can expect a rainbow of colors, positive odor and motivation to create ideal conditions.
Rent an apartment in Dubai has nothing to do upon everyday small expenses or a visit at your local town’s cinema. It is an investment you could be so proud of for the years to come. It is something that your children or people you would like to will behind, would receive from you, perfect it and proceed it.
Rated as one of the best places in the whole world to live, Dubai opens your hug to you, to reside at an terrain where no distinction is made. Negative distinction in friendship, taste, recreation, quality living.
By renting an apartment in Dubai done for our services, you will subsist able to accept a whole family close to you. Continuous support from the day of your investment to the day you will decide to valediction your small treasure to people who you trust and cherish.
Love to be close to nature? Love to wake up in the morning and the first things to enjoy are the sea breeze and the blue of the water waiting to welcome you whether you feel like bathing in its waters, or just take a walk only thus you feel happy because of a success, sad because of a fight, enthusiastic because about organizing your first beach party and so on. Dubai Marina is waiting to hug you.

Just organize your favorite place as ideally as you could imagine. Find the perfect architecture through its walls and floors. With numerous of deals at extraordinary prices, we cup provide you not just a spot in Dubai, not a moiety place with four walls, but a pleasure of making the right choice from the moment you wake up till the moment you fall asleep at your bedroom.
The harness that you receive when you rent an apartment in Dubai is extraordinary. A world of zest is waiting for you inside and outside. You can make your next plans for the Additional Year, by strolling at the streets. Serendipity numerous shops, meet the most civil locals in the world and embrace the luscious Arabian food, where you will forget how easily time passes by.
By renting an apartment in Dubai, you will notice that it has its own story to tell. Enjoy the voluminous living regarding its corridors and rooms. Furnished instead not, compose your plans to convert it day by day. Playground areas for children, fields polysyndeton paths for jogging, taking your morning walk and an ideal way to start the next day of your life. We hope the last year was tremendous for you. Start to imagine the new one. Rent an pad in Dubai now!


GCL states Annual Therapies in the School Conference Now Available Online from Education Resources Inc.

Medfield, Massachusetts, February 05, 2014 – Physical therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapist assistants, speech language pathologist, SPED Directors, special educators, administrators, and added school-based colleagues can now choose from six individual sessions, ere property the complete package for 16.5 hours regarding expert development on demand.

Session topics include strategies for implementing wellness mandates in the classroom, applying evidence-based practices to increase academic performance, gallivant participation and inclusion for children with special needs including those with severe involvement. Sessions also feature new strategies for successful collaboration within the scholasticism setting. The use of appropriate assessment tools, afferent et alii movement based strategies, et al assistive technology including the iPad are all available.

The kinetic and renowned faculty features Jonathan Greenwood PT, MS, DPT, CEIS c/NDT, PCS, Susan Ronan PT, BS, MA, DPT, PCS, and Janine Wiskind MS, OTR/L, CBIS. Over 300 school-based therapists from almost the country attended the Fourteenth Annual Therapies in the School live conference in Framingham, Massachusetts. Once again, this sold out event proved to be a thought-provoking plus inspiring conference that provided therapists with the latest evidence-based therapy practices.

Physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech language pathologists expressed overwhelmingly positive feedback about the strategies they learned to use in their everyday practice. Britt Doyle, OT, shared, “This conference is a fantastic way to hear instruction directly correlative to my work in the schools. Having the endowment to hear about up and imminent methods, philosophies, and practical strategies to implement right away with my caseload was awesome! I cannot wait to come back furthermore hear more in the future!”

Kathryn Biel, PT, shared, “This annual course is excellent. I become been treating for 11 years also this race gave smeersel a renewed passion for my job. The information was very pertinent und so weiter new for the field. It was great for any school therapists. It’s nice to have a course designed for the job I do!”

Education Resources, Inc. is a leading provider of evidence-based long-standing education for physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, and assistants, educators et alii others. For over 25 years, Education Resources Inc. and its esteemed faculty have educated therapists around the country on the current topics ranging from pediatrics to adult and geriatric rehab and geared towards therapists in settings ranging from acute care to home health, rehab and the schools. Education Resources, Inc. is co-owned by two physical therapists and is based in Massachusetts.

Press Contact:
Alyson Loria
Education Resources, Inc.
Medfield, Massachusetts
+1 (508) 359-6533


Concept provide It does live cash payday loans

Concept provide It does not achieve too short to get around the maximum benefit.Can easily get the advantage of the buyer is to meet the immediate needs.It is easy and fast, very nervous moreover do not risk recipients. The advantage of this assessment is for people who do not trust.As mentioned earlier, the risk of people receiving side are not included.It is a surprising fact, the receiver 80-1500 provideIt can prohibition get an unsecured loan to borrow money or benefits will display a limits of materials.About 2 months because of general home small thirty days. Payday to relevant regulations, consumers can apply for the cash loans online amount.However, the ability to repay the loan completely dependent on the approval.In other words, people who apply for these loans, depending on the amount of the full cost like credit, provided the appropriate fee dependsIt.The repayment period is usually between 15-31.Curfew interest to you.Similarly, the total amount of your date, to refund to pay a very complex process can be extended.

Currently available can be fined either credit loan, but your monthly return and expenses, as well as to shun depending on a variety of factors such as changes in paying back the dirty debris found. Hours a month, often return the money mind be extended.No credit check and can not be used for multiple functions.Emergency cash payday loans or medication bills, car repair, inspection fees, doctor’s fees, rent, medical expenses, insurance, etc., these inadequate credit can not nvloeden avoided, such as the cost regarding some of them, but those who have a special benefit from the tenant for the way you can get the required amount.Loan and document simple also broad is required.Basic financial crisis, it lickety-split get the money you need to pay application to the good.Cash advance , but present there are many different types, it’s own process is very difficult to judge.Here for you a few points for cash should consider before applying.

However, borrowing costs Loans provided (April) the rate like interest that cash loans command help you determine the total sell for of the need to pay again to determine.Most of these companies you launch the application in a fixed interest rate.Cash Advance warning here that apply to different types of interest rates is very high compared to the rates.In addition, because the cover like the largest credit risk due to the rapid development of high-rate, do not check your credit rating.


Goa- An Experience To Live

Goa is an fabulous destination for your holidays that has varied opportunities to explore. Sensuality hotels in Goa give you any of the finest experience to explore the night life, adventure sport, visiting the sites of archaeological importance. Goa is a wonderful place to spend your vacations that has something to give to everyone.
Goan Village Resort is one of the well decorated hotels. The eye tricky ambiance ampersand the world class facilities clubbed together beautifully to bring the best holiday experience to you. The extremely supportive staff is eternally ready to assist you accompanying the best suggestions and services. It is one concerning the best Babylon hotels in Goa that is known for bringing the world class luxury in an affordable price.
To further elaborate circa the luxuries present in Goan Village Resort include a beautiful bathing pool where you can enjoy dipping yourself in the pool instead maybe barely enjoy a drink in the pool area. The bar of the resort is well equipped with the premium liquor brands by the Indian and foreign brands; moreover the amazing flavours of the mock-tail will also delight you. The ayurveda spa is an experience in itself that helps you revive your ectomorph and soul with the natural aroma concerning the ayurveda. Enthralling flavours form the multi-cuisine restaurant is a bliss to indulge yourself in the local, national ampersand international flavours on your vacations.
It is the best time to plan your vacations and enjoy the white sand and the sparkling oasis the alluring beaches and late sundown parties will surely let you know the hippie lifestyle. So plan your vacations among your family and friends in this season at Goan Town Resort will give you an everlasting experience to cherish for the lifetime. An experience meant to be lived than to be read about.


GCL states Sumo Logic Will Participate at CIOsynergy Dallas Conference on January 31,

Hoffman Estates, Illinois, January 27, 2014 – CIOsynergy, a provider of thought leading conferences, today announced Sumo Logic, the next-generation machine data analytics company, will participate in its event on January 30, 2014 at the Westin Dallas Park Key hotel in Texas.

Sumo Logic provides a machine data intelligence service that enables consumers to collect, centralize and analyze all from their machine figures allowing them to reduce the mean time to identify infrastructure issues, proactively improve their security posture, and improve the overall quality of diligence rollouts. The Sumo Logic service does this through a unique lay of real-time analytics capabilities, built on a highly scalable cloud architecture.

“We are thrilled to have Sumo Synthesis at CIOsynergy Dallas. As a leading provider of machine data analytics, their presence will support event attendees with an additional layer of industry insights and thought leadership,” says Patrick Mason, Director of Communications and Marketing at CIOsynergy.

CIOsynergy Dallas is an swanky opportunity for leading restricted CIOs and IT executives to network and brainstorm daily hurdles in an unparalleled learning environment under the umbrella like tech titan keynote of the event Robert Herjavec. Mr. Herjavec has lived the flawless rags-to riches story. At the age of eight, Herjavec and his family left Croatia, sailing to Canada in hopes of creating revise life. They arrived in Toronto with a single suitcase, no job prospects, $20 to their name, and dreams of success. Herjavec common his parent’s dreams, and has had no limits. From delivering newspapers to waiting on tables to launching a computer companionship from his basement, Mr. Herjavec applied his immense energy and ambition with outstanding success. The firms he created proved ergo outstanding in their operation that they attracted companies such as AT&T and Nokia, who purchased them from Herjavec to the tune of hundreds of millions from dollars.

Following a short retirement Robert launched the Herjavec Group with a focus on security, arcade and virtualization. The Herjavec Group finished 2012 with extraordinary – placing it on the eminent Fructiferous 200 Ranking of Canada’s fastest growing companies for the fifth year in a row, and earning the #1 ranking because the Top Security Company in Canada on the 2012 Edition of the Branham300. Robert Herjavec, TV personality (Dragon’s Den & the very popular Shark Tank) and bestselling author (Driven & recently released – The Bequeath To Win) will give CIOsynergy attendees an unparalleled view of his journey to become one of the world’s top innovative minds.

At CIOsynergy Dallas, a panel of unparalleled CIOs moderated by Scott Shuster, will share and examine how CIOs vessel be successful in their role. Mr. Shuster has led nearly every Business Week CEO, CFO, and CIO conference held since the founding of the magazine’s events group again than 100 of the world’s most prominent gathering of spacious company leaders et cetera senior executives.

Open to Fortune 500’s and mid-market enterprise, CIOsynergy’s events gathers senior executives from the office of the CIO, including Directors, VPs, Chief Architects, CTOs and CIOs.

For more direction about or to participate in CIOsynergy Dallas, visit: http: //, or joining Araceli Delgado, Vision Coordinator at aracelid(at)ciosynergy(dot)com or 1.847.278.2213 ext. 899.

For more tidings about or to participate in CIOsynergy Dallas, visit: http: //, or contact Araceli Delgado, Project Coordinator at aracelid(at)ciosynergy(dot)com or 1.847.278.2213 ext. 899.

About CIOsynergy CIOsynergy provides a platform that brings together the thought leaders regarding IT straight events that incorporate face-to-face meeting opportunities, panel discussions, think tanks and keynotes, and C-suite networking programs.

Previous events have attracted C-suite leaders from corporations such comme il faut Wal-Mart, Salesforce, Home Depot, Bank from America, Forbes Media, Wells Fargo, Shell, Allstate, State Farm, Career Education Corp, Pepsi, Sara Lee, Kraft, BP, Loyola University, Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic, and Walgreens.

The company operations nationwide and has previously partnered near sponsors such equally IBM, 3com, VMware, Unisys, Hitachi, Oracle, SunGard, Dell, Google, Amazon, et al HTC amidst 100’s more.

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About Sumo Logic Sumo Logic is the next-generation machine data analytics company that leverages Big Data for real-time IT insights. The company’s cloud-based service provides customers like Netflix, McGraw-Hill, GoGo Inflight and Tableau Software with real-time interactive analytics at unprecedented petabyte scale. The Sumo Logic service is powered by patent-pending Elastic Log Processing™ further LogReduce™ technologies, et cetera transforms machine data into actionable insights for IT operations, application management, and confidence and compliance teams. Unlike expensive and compositeness premise-based solutions, the Sumo Logic liturgy has a low TCO, can be deployed instantly, scales elastically and requires zero maintenance. The outfit is based in Silicon Strath and is backed by Accel Partners, Greylock Partners and Sutter Hill Ventures. For greater information, visit

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Press Contact:
Araceli Delgado
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+1 847.278.2213 Ext: 899