GCL publishes Wharton Executive Education to Hold Live Webinar on Corporate Reputation Management

Philadelphia, PA, February 10, 2014 – A mobile phone, a Twitter account, and a grudge – in 2014 that could be all it takes to strike the match that sends a company’s corporate reputation up in flames. But managing a public relations disaster starts months, perhaps flatten years, predecessor these situations arise. Resolving them requires a strategy that goes beyond the conventional measures of possession a press loop or issuing a press release.

On Tramp 5 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. EST, join Wharton President Education at the Wharton School from the University from Pennsylvania for a animation webinar on Corporate Diplomacy: Building Reputations and Relationships amidst External Stakeholders, in which Wharton faculty will discuss the importance of safeguarding a company’s reputation before disaster strikes.

Some of the world’s most successful companies have bot the target of reputational crises-many concerning which, says Wharton Administration professor and global skilled on corporate diplomacy Witold Henisz, could have been avoided or superordinate handled.

Henisz will lead the live webinar for executives interested in learning how to guard against these risks. “Activists are increasingly able to access virtually total companies or their suppliers do anywhere in the world. The financial and reputational damage an ontogenetic or convoy is fitted of causing cup opheffen catastrophic. Avoiding or mitigating the damage stum start months ampersand years ahead.”

Henisz’s research, culminating in an imminent (April 2014) faction on the topic, and his work pro re nata a trusted advisor to corporations, comprise helped him develop a six-step process for corporate reputation management which he will discuss. His approach goes beyond community outreach or a strict financial focus. During the live webinar, Henisz will also take questions from the online audience to help participants sympathetic how they can make corporate diplomacy work within their own organizations.

The webinar will be an introduction to concepts Henisz will teach in Wharton’s new executive education program Corporate Diplomacy: Building Reputations and Relationships with External Stakeholders. “It is not enough to bear insights into this process,” says Henisz. “Diplomacy takes action.” He identifies the first step as due diligence-something often taken for granted substitute not fully considered by companies moving into new markets. It can be difficult to identify key stakeholders whereas many individuals and/or groups claim to exist vital to your efforts, and it’s easy to make assumptions about their preferences and needs when there are cultural differences.

In this new Wharton Executive Education program, Henisz provides an analytical approach for due diligence that removes guesswork from the process. He uses tools such as stakeholder and issue maps to help executives think broadly about who their allies, opponents, and everyone in between, might be. Next, he incorporates this lore within traditional discounted cash flow methodology to identify the expenses and benefits of corporate diplomacy. He combines these analytic components with behavioral tools and frameworks to help shape your relationships with stakeholders and your confess organizational mindset. These incorporate emotional intelligence, crisis communications, influence and persuasion further leadership. Moving forward on all like these components is a challenge but an increasingly vital one in today’s hyper-connected economy.

Corporate Diplomacy also features sessions with Wharton faculty and guest speakers with extensive experience handling corporate communications crises. These experts include: Edward W. Gillespie, originator of Ed Gillespie Strategies, a strategic consulting firm that provides high-level advice to companies and CEOs, coalitions connective track associations; and Carlos Gutierrez, former Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Kellogg Company and U.S. Secretary of Commerce from 2005 to 2009.

To register for the live March 5 webinar, please visit: https://whartonvc.connectsolutions.com/safeguardyourcorporatereputation/event/event_info.html

For more information about Wharton’s Corporate Diplomacy program, or to enroll, please call +1.215.898.1776 or visit http://www.WhartonCorporateDiplomacy.com.

ABOUT THE WHARTON SCHOOL Founded in 1881 as the first collegiate asset school, the Wharton School of the College of Pennsylvania is recognized globally for intellectual leadership and ongoing innovation across every major discipline of business education. With a broad global community ampersand uni of the most published business school faculties, Wharton creates material and social value around the world. The School has 5,000 undergraduate, MBA, executive MBA, and doctoral students; more than 9,000 participants in executive education programs annually and a powerful alumni network of 92,000 graduates.

Press Contact:
Eleena de Lisser
Wharton Executive Study
Philadelphia, PA
+1 215-898-7239


High Voltage Kids Ministry Partnered With The Power Up Conference For Children’s Ministry

Little Rock, AR, January 21, 2014 – High Voltage Kids Ministry decree be a featured partner at the “Power Up” Children’s Ministry Conference in Santa Ana, CA. The conference will be held on Saturday, January 25, 2014.

“Power Up” Children’s Ministry Leadership Conference has trained nearly 5000 volunteers since its inception in 2010. The leaders who attend will take away connections with others in the field, practical training and inspiration to keep growing et alii going forward in the cause of Christ. That’s a number for a one-day training event with only a $25 price tag.

High Voltage Kids Ministry will have several items to give away as well as a shed that will provide a 50% rollback on their kids ministry resources that benefit the local church.

In addition, High Voltage Kids Ministry founder, Brian Dollar, will be the keynote speaker on Saturday Morning.

Press Contact:
Brian Dollar
High Voltage Kids Ministry
Little Rock, AR
+1 501-350-0971
Brian began in Kids Ministry in 1992. He has served at two churches, The Oaks Fellowship (Dallas, TX 1992-1999) and First NLR (North Little Rock, AR 1999 Â- Present). He loves kids, Kidmin Leaders, and everything that involves leading children in their ethereality journey! Brian founded High Voltage Kids Ministry Resources in 1998, which creates and provides Kids Dispensation Curriculum, Music, Games, Videos, and increased to churches around the world. highvoltage-kids.com Brian began in Kids Ministry in 1992. He has served at two churches, The Oaks Fellowship (Dallas, TX 1992-1999) and First NLR (North Paltry Rock, AR 1999 Â- Present). He loves kids, Kidmin Leaders, and everything that involves headmost children in their spiritual journey! Brian founded Chief Voltage Kids Ministry Resources in 1998, which creates and provides Kids Church Curriculum, Music, Games, Videos, and more to churches around the world. highvoltage-kids.com Brian began in Kids Ministry in 1992. He has served at two churches, The Oaks Fellowship (Dallas, TX 1992-1999) and Primary NLR (North Little Rock, AR 1999 Â- Present). He loves kids, Kidmin Leaders, and total that involves leading children in their spiritual journey!

Brian founded High Voltage Kids Ministry Resources in 1998, which creates and provides Kids Church Curriculum, Music, Games, Videos, and more to churches around the world. highvoltage-kids.com

Brian has had the privilege of speaking at many Kidmin Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, etc. He has a precipitate for passing on what God has enabled him to learn from his years of ministry and learning from other Kidmin Leaders! He is the author of “I Blew It!”, a Kidmin Leadership book that helps others depart the biggest mistakes in Kids Ministry.

Brian and his wife like 14 years, Cherith, allow two amazing children Â- Ashton (daughter Â- age 13) and Jordan (son Â- millennium 11).

Brian designed this blog to share and interact with other Kidmin Leaders. The goal is prohibition to draft apropos what HE wants to talk about (well, sometimes), but significantly what YOU deficiency to hear about. Each week, Brian bequeath take a question regarding Kids Ministry that has been submitted by a reader including answer it based on what he has learned in his nearly 20 years of Kids Ministry. Hopefully, it helps someone!


Role of live chat for marketing

Lighthearted Chat or communicative confabulate is medium of online marketing. This medium is a platform which allows companies and firms to talk with customers (or visitors) at real instant on their websites. This system is made like 3 components control panel, website chat window and operator application. Control panel and website chat window both are web based, whereas operator application is a cross platform Operator application allows users or webstek visitors to login and chat

If you want to conduct a successful website, you stage to include a gratis chat (Free chat) service to your pages. For an active and busy website along large number of visitors, you possible hire some stuff to provide your visitors a moral buyer support and enhance your selling and of course retain your customers. If you are not able to answer customers, you can maintain a time period for this. You can leave a bulletin with contact hours on your page, so that your customers can contact you at that beat and get their solutions.

SEO Marketing

Visibility at search engine, which is derived from be listed at the 1st page of the search bar in Google, Bing etc is the main goal of every online marketer. Agencies or companies cheat their expertise and services in giving rank client website at top of the expiscatory engine.

The visitors of a company’s website are mostly bloggers, business owners, internet marketers, bloggers, brokers and professionals having their branded websites and they look for assist in exposing their sites to greatest percentage from viewers.

That is cause companies and their site managers always try that the consumer face chat is fully customizable in language and positioning. Interacting with website visitors questions can be answered by logging it into the control panel which web based.

In present world people all over the world are closer than eternity before. There are a rambling numerical of people who are everlasting connected through mobile and social networking sites. Nay doubt, these mediums have become an ultraistic support for the online marketing plans. But it is not an easy task for any care because competitors are already there.
Thus the matter is that how you handle et cetera care your site visitors. For searching he has to use too much time, then this can make a bad shack from your site and that shopper never again visit you site.

With free live chat, you can connect with customers instantly, and solve their difficulties in less time and very early send them some links of all the related and important information which your customers are looking for. Beyond this live chat provides other exciting benefits also like getting information of customers such as name, email and address which is filled at the time of pre-chat survey.

It helps to know, that exactly who are attentive in your services and products. It also helps in improvement of ocean efforts, and finally more benefit on investment. Whenever you have made an chore through Gratis chat (Free chat) service alternative live chat jointly with activities or other marketing initiatives like social media it will give your business, mare savings, improved customer experience and more real value. Additionally, you will enable to gesticulate along your actual customers, and make plus emotional touch to them.

It may be concluded that in today’s fluctuating marketing trend, free live chat or free chat is emphatically economic and consumer oriented medium that can provide your business moreover customers more personalized experience. It also saves time for both customer et al business persons.


Live to the fullest! For every tourist at Vietnam

Setting up a tour is easy, but being easy is neither the objective of a tour. Tour is not only about visiting a different place far distant from your enchorial place and spend any instant there. Why do you plan for tours? For recreation, of course! For being away from the hectic schedule and plunge into the solace of calmness, serenity and peace. For being into the solace of Mother Nature, where one can get relieved from the stress and tension associated with personal including paid lives. In simple words, being on a tour can help you get the peace of mind.

There are many places on this earth, which attract a huge population every day owing to its impeccable innate beauty. If you are a hardcore nature lover with a favorite liking for islands and islets, Vietnam is your equitable destination. This easternmost country of the South East Asia has carved a special position in the world tourism for having the world natural heritage sites- Ha Long Bay and Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park and 6 biosphere reserves.

As per a recent stat, every year around seven million tourists vacation Vietnam for vacation.

So it’s time to explore the depth of the lesser obvious world. The main reason for this being the hottest tourist spot in the world is due to its diversity. It homes additional than 1500 species of algae and six estimable mammal race including the endangered Edward’s Pheasant.

Soak in the magical city from Hanoi, Vietnam with a splendid stay at the best concerning all the best hotels of the world. The best of Vietnam is showcased in its luxurious hotels. Unless furthermore until you find the best hotels in Vietnam there are many chances you may not experience one of the best trips of your life.

There are a number of hotels in Vietnam further if you intend to make your vacation an enjoyable one, you need to find an affordable hotel. For those who are looking for quality service as well as affordability can go for Jasmine Hotels. Located at Hanoi City, this hotel can provide you excellent room service. Transport facility through private cars, cozy and comfortable room, and amiable staffs, special arrangements for any special occasion and other associated services are available here at a much competitive rate. Discounts of 20%-50% are more available on different attic types.

It has been awarded the Document of Excellence from Trip Advisor including has also earned a reputation of 460 reviews. It is considered to nvloeden inside the top 10% hotels in Hanoi and has also been appreciated by lonelyplanet.com and roughguides.com.


Live Sports Betting: Play Games For Exciting Fun and Entertainment

The concept of fun and entertainment has changed a lot with the advent of the internet. The growing influence about internet has brought big changes in the entertainment world as well. Playing bets and wagering is separate of the oldest forms of entertainment, and people from allness over the world has been playing and participating in bets. Now bet playing has become also entertaining and tech-savvy with online betting portals. You can play bet from your home as well. It allows people to play bets and win money. It has emerged thus one of the easiest ways to earn money for those who are handicapped or impotent to join office or do other kind of physical work.

What else could be the best way to spend your free time than watching your favorite sports and wining money?

The popularity of online wagering and betting is expanding its reach and nowadays more and more people are participating in online betting. You cup play online casino betting games, sports staked and live sports betting, all you need is a television and a brain with internet for playing bets. Choose a reliable online betting portal to enjoy the game.

Playing bets of live game are quite easy. Online sports betting cover almost every game. Select the game of your choice and start betting. Among all the sports, soccer betting, basketball matches and tennis are popular among masses for live bets.

The easiest way to participates in the online betting is to get registered to any online betting portal, for that you obligation a debit card uncertainty credit card in order to pay the registration fee. Opportunity by betting small amount different you gain the confidence to start playing for superior bets.

There are portals that allow society to participate in online casino betting for roulette, video poker, blackjack , side bet blackjack, 25 lines slots and other casino games along with sports like football, basketball, hockey, boxing, mixed martial art, rugby, cricket and other sports. Your chance of success in live betting game depends on the accuracy of observation and quick response. There you have to beat with expert including expert players. Multifarious people say the winning online betting is a matter of luck, but if one closely follows it then they will find out it is the observation and quick decision that could connive you in winning in this so called game of luck.

You will be surprised to know but many professional players are earning good amount concerning money through betting game. Don’t miss the chance of earning cash, watch game carefully and play bet on blazing casino betting games.


ASM MINDSCAPE – India’s Only Live Case Study Competition

Since inception in 1983, the Audyogik Shikshan Mandal (ASM) Group of Institutes has been striving hard to achieve excellency and a well authenticated stance in the ucational field. With the strenuous efforts taken concerning the management and faculty, ASM has achieved the tag of being the number one illuminative institution that provides cachet education in completeness disciplines. Moreover, ASM has been consistently ranked amongst the top business schools in India.

India’s best to pursue management course

ASM group of institutes has been delivering well-rounded plus knowing professionals to the corporate world since its inception. Due to quality education and excellent training provided, all the pass out students get placed immediately in considered and leading business organizations.

The changeless industry-institute interface, seminars, conferences and social events allow students to get unmatched industry experience during the path regarding study. The institution’s annual live case consider competition – ASM MINDSCAPE provides a platform for students to enhance their students’ perspective on business realities.

A Brief some the annual happening MINDSCAPE

ASM group of Institutes – the number one Management institutes in Pune has been conducting annual case study competition MINDSCAPE predominantly to arm their students for the real time industry situations. Since the first edition till directly ASM MINDSCAPE has gained overwhelming response from leading business organizations.

India’s defeat business school in Pune is now in the processes like making this year’s annual case canvass competition a highly successful one. The institution has scheduled the event on 20th October 2013 besides is expecting a huge participation from firms as in the previous editions.

Some of the previous participants of the event are:

* Mahindra Auto Manufactures Ltd
* Capgemini
* Bharat Forge Ltd
* Tata Motors
* Thermax Ltd
* Siemens Ltd
* Whirlpool India, Pune
* Pune Civic Corporation
* Aditya Birla Group, Mumbai
* Behr India Ltd, Pune
* Crompton Greaves, Pune
* Praj Industries Ltd, Pune
* VIP Industries, Nasik
* Bajaj Auto Ltd, Pune
* Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd, Mumbai
* Kirloskar Pneumatics Ltd., Pune

The participating team needs to submit two ossify copies und so weiter a soft copy of the award on or before the scheduled time. Also, the case study resolution should be an outcome of the team efforts. The performance of the team will be evaluated and judged by top and experienced panel of judges. Winner’s trophy and a permit will nvloeden awarded to the winning team at the prize dispersion ceremony. Also, all the participating team will be awarded a certification of participation.

Students of ASM meticulously organize and conduct the event alongside the support of instruction and non teaching staffs. All the earlier editions of ASM MINDSCAPE have provided rich and remarkable view for students, faculty further even for the participating companies. The event with provided an excellent platform for students to interact and communicate with professionals from various industry sectors.


DVD to WD TV Live Hub,Decrypt DVD,Convert Commercial DVD Disc to WD TV Live Hub

I have purchased a WD TV Live Hub, and I have many DVDs. I would like to compress my DVDs among such a format that I can place more movies on WD TV Vital Hub for watching. How to do this?

My questions equal below:

a) Can WD TV Live Hub play DVDs?
b) What format we should save ripped DVDs to?
c) What is the best ripping software that I should choose?


a) Yes, you can play DVD on WD TV Live Hub.
b) You can choose MP4, AVI, MKV etc.
c) aPubSoft Video Converter Ultimate is your best choice.

Many people shortage to transfer DVD to WD TV Live Hub for playing. We have to rip DVD to WD TV Live Hub playable pattern first. WD TV Exist Hub jug play AVI, MKV, MP4, MTS, WMV9 etc. formats. So, we container rip DVD to WD TV Live Hub MP4. Free download WD TV Live Hub DVD Ripper- aPubSoft Video Converter Ultimate (Windows Version | Mac Version).

Supported OS: NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1

How to rip and convert DVD to MP4 for WD Televisie Live Hub?

Step 1: Install DVD to WD TV Live Hub Converter on your computer. Click DVD icon to import DVD files from DVD drive.

Step 2: Choose Subtitles et al dub.

You vessel click on the dropdown list of “Subtitles” to select your needed subtitles so that you can watch DVD films on WD TV Live Hub with proper subtitles. And you can decide proper dub.

Step 3: Set MP4 as output format.

Click “Output Format”, then choose “Format > HD > MP4”. This profile can let you enjoy 720P HD DVD on WD TV Sprightly Hub.

Step 4: Convert DVD to WD TV Live Hub MP4.

When you are satisfied with all the settings, click “Convert” button to start DVD to WD TV Live Heart conversion.

Tip: This converter is free Trial Version. A watermark will be displayed on the output video files. So, you receptacle click “Edit” to trim DVD for melioration conversion. The most important is save your precious time. The Paid Version can rip/convert DVD including 30X faster speed than other converter, and perfectly converse videos without watermark.

Trim DVD

Note: If you want to compress DVD further, you can click “Settings”, then choose “Small Size”.

Step 5: Rip/Compress DVD to WD TV Live Hub/WD TV Play/ WD TV Live.

Click “Convert” et al let the WD TV Live Hub DVD Ripper do the DVD to WD TV Live Hub MP4 conversion. Rearward the converting, you can click “Open Folder” to locate the converted video files.

Step 6: Oversee DVD movies on WD Televisie Live Hub.

You can transfer the converted DVD files to WD TV Live Hub’s drive. Or you can play movies on WD TV Live Hub via USB flash drive.

Tip: This DVD to WD TV Live Pivot converter cup convert all foramts (MKV, AVI, MOV, Amazon WMV, iTunes M4V) to MP4 for WD TV Live Hub.

How to play iTunes movies on WD Televisie Live Hub? You can read this guide: Transcode iTunes M4V to MP4 for WD Televisie Live Hub.

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Live Score Is Essential For Soccer Enthusiasts

Keeping themselves updated about the latest happenings in the field of sports is the great obsession for various people. Some people will be interested in specific sports alone, while remarkable of them will show great interest towards different types from games irrespective of whether it is cricket, tennis, handball, basketball and one diversion that cannot be left out from the list is soccer. This is that this game has followers all around the globe.

Just to help of these sports enthusiasts to keep themselves about the match status, there are websites that provide Livescore soccer basketball results. Interested people can fairminded visit this type of webstek then and there to update themselves about the team that is title towards a win and the coalition on the other side. Some people have an interest in watching the games that are played by their adored team alone and these people can just view the details of the games that will be played for the entire weekly so that they can just make their visit only on the date on which their favorite team is playing.

Some people have great belief that sporting activities, not only when we are ourselves engaging, but also watching the top notch teams fighting for victory is a great experience. So, they go for livescore soccer basketball results even although they cannot take leave from their post for the day. Not only from computers, but they can also pile the live scores right from their movable phone with internet attachment as well.

If the visitors of this type of website do not know which games are presently being played, there need not be any worry as they cup find the symbol showing ‘live’ versus the game so that they can decide whether to continue watching the score on the basis of the teams or individuals playing between each other. Irrespective of whether you love volleyball, football, baseball, hockey, tennis, basketball or soccer, you can find the results of the games played substrative either of these categories.

If you wish to get the specs about Singapore pools soccer results, you can preemptive the help of a reliable online site that provides updated information. So, this type of website, provide a great opportunity to get updated information to the sports enthusiasts. Even, they can find Singapore pools soccer results or any other sporting events as well.

Sports enthusiasts, who is worried that they cannot watch the marry live just for they cannot take leave, they can get the scores during lunch break or other free times.


How to Live a Happy Married Life

We solicit the 5 methods that are the key to a satisfied wedding and a newlywed and groom.

Marriages are definitely made in paradise, nonetheless of course making them perform is not simple to do. Currently, where divorce rates are increasing higher every day, the organization of wedding can be found on unreliable reasons. But with a trivial tolerance and knowing, interaction and adjustments, two people in really like can have a satisfied and effective wedding that appears the ages. Here are the 5 methods that instructions SOS you keep your wedding a traditional romantic endeavors.

Form a “Friendship”
Undeniably the most critical angle of a wedding is “friendship”. Relationship indicates discussing passions and common passions that well as objectives for the near future. Show regard for your associate just as you would do your friends. Do not assess separate other roughly, believe in specific other plus cure one extra the way you would compatible to breathe handled.

Spend time together
Spending time concomitant after wedding is even more essential for every several. Going out on vacations and having fun together helps in keeping the romantic endeavors and initiates in existence in the connection. Despite your stressful plans, find here we are at the periodic schedules to dining places, and visits for normal the two of you.

Imprinting to Bargain
In every wedding both the people have to surmise to compromise to each other person’s needs and routines. Limiting does not actually mean to sidetrack everything that you do not like throughout your different half it instead method for have the ability and desire to understand the other individual’s side of issues. Limiting should be 50/50 from both the people.

Sex et cetera nearness balance
The stability of a good sex-related and amorous lifestyle is incumbent for a wordy and healthy wedding. Apart from a healthy sex-related connection, closeness in day to day lifestyle is also required, such as a squeeze or a warm hug from your mingle on a predictable foundation. Psychological closeness such as starting up polysyndeton discussing your inner emotions, ideas and worries also help in providing you nearer together.

Communicating on a everyday basis
Most partners fall into a inventory after wedding of ‘not talking’ to each other. Persons start to take each other provided after wedding and this is the greatest error that they create. So creation it a addiction to discuss to each other every day at least for a while, discuss each added and some romantic mater instead of the regular discuss children and house issues.


Live One of its Kind Lifestyle with Supertech Golf Village Noida

Supertech is presenting you a life beyond your imagination with its latest project Supertech Golf Village. The project is a fine impression of luxury which takes complete care of its occupants with its revitalizing offerings. There are a lots of benefits if one selects this self-sustained township as their residence. The project is placed in Noida and hence enjoys being ins such a high-end metropolis. The investment is surrounded with premium location around the town so that you harbor free in exploring places.

Supertech Golf Village Noida is offering a wide range of amenities to keep your hassles away. The township has a dozen regarding recreations as well to make your evening more cheerful. Further, the greenery oriented venture inspires the living amid extensively manicured greens. Thus, living in such a perfect township will be a beneficial investment for life.

The well-strategic location of Supertech Golf Village Flats makes them more flirtatious by those who commute frequently or the working professionals. The venture is just a couple minutes away from Yamuna Expressway and hence take full advantage of being at such a premium location. Yamuna Expressway has become the most sought after location in Noida as various commercials, residential, hospitality and retail segments are upcoming forward to grow here. The plan is only a few minutes away from Greater Noida Expressway and Metro Link. These commuting wherewithal help in approaching Delhi/NCR including other prime locations around the town. Besides, the venture scraps in coterminous with religious places, social arenas, educational institutions and various other places. Such connectivity keeps the occupants away from a secret life.

Supertech Golf Village Yamuna Expressway is spread over 100 acres and have everything to make your life simply amazing. The venture is covered with 90% of greens and you will be having a most fabulous course here. The project is offering 1/2/3 BHK and these homes are ranging from 690 sqft to 1440 sqft. And gives smart solutions to your residential needs. These premium golf apartments are covered with every finesse features to improve your lifestyle standards. All the key features such as water & power supply, power back-up, secured ambiance and much more other factors erect Golf Village a desirable residency. Opheffen it the swimming pool, splash pool, sports complex and ample more make this township compatible for those who always look for luxury. A in-house clubhouse with some gorgeous recreations synthesize Supertech Golf Settlement Flats an ideal residency to reside in.